Typically, hospital stays are not usually placed excitedly at the top of to-do lists. Unfortunately the typical hospital experience can be unsettling and disruptive to one’s routine. Patients usually are not very fond of the unappetizing hospital food and the uncomfortable accommodations. There is a growing trend in medicine to find new ways to improve patient care and satisfaction. High Plains Surgery Center is prepared to roll out the red carpet for our patients and make their stays as pleasurable as possible.

Hospitals often have been shown to cause unneeded anxiety in many people. When one goes in for a surgical procedure, they should feel comfortable and be focused on recovery and unfortunately patients often do not. High Plains Surgery Center has taken the traditional hospital experience and made it more upscale, offering a resemblance to a luxury hotel experience. And as far as medical attention, High Plains Surgery Center has some of the most advanced technology in the state.

One would think that having a procedure somewhere like High Plains Surgery Center would be more costly, but that’s actually quite opposite. Older hospitals have more overhead from countless departments and a less efficient facility while specialty hospitals more often can provide modern technology and more patient amenities at a lower cost.

The High Plains Surgery Center uses state of the art minimally invasive surgery to help patients recover in a shorter period of time and in the comfort of their own home.


Why should I choose High Plains Surgery Center?

The High Plains Surgery Center is the only free standing surgery center in Cheyenne that has direct hospital access if the need arises to transfer to a higher level of care. We strive to make our patients feel comfortable and pampered during their procedure and recovery. Our patient satisfaction survey continually reflects our efforts. We understand that coming in for surgery can be a stressful situation. Same day surgery is our specialty; we have highly trained, friendly staff that is dedicated to providing expert surgical care to you and your family. From the moment you enter our facility to register until you are discharged from the recovery area you will feel comfortable and at ease with our staff and facility.

Here are more reasons physicians are referring their patients to High Plains Surgery Center:


It's covered by your insurance. Insurance companies welcome the lower surgical costs of ambulatory surgical centers with open arms. Since ambulatory surgery centers are built with the most current technologies and spared the cost of retrofitting, we are able to provide quality services at a lower cost. We also work with many insurance companies successfully out of network.

It is a great convenience to you. Ambulatory surgery centers can streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming paperwork that can make a simple procedure a hassle. Our location is in a central part of Cheyenne, easy for all to access.

Experience with superior anesthesia services. We work with one large anesthesia group and several independent physicians in Cheyenne. Each patient receives anesthesia care tailored to their individual needs. Efforts to prevent anxiety, discomfort and post-surgery nausea and pain are taken.

Take advantage of our clinical quality. All of our Operating Room Nurses and Recovery Room Nurses are ACLS & PALS certified. Many of our nurses are certified in their area of expertise. Our nurses rank among the best in town. They provide a gentle touch as well as skill, expertise and experience. We strive to ensure that your stay with us is reflective of our high standards of compassionate, quality care. At time of discharge, our goal is that you have experienced excellent surgical care and are well-informed regarding your post-operative care.

We've decided to go the extra mile and offer you the best services in our community!